My Backyard Hobby is Chickens!

I don't know if it's genetic or what but as I've grown older, I find within myself a fondness for chickens. Perhaps I am a genetic chicken farmer. I have a cat too, but he's pretty boring compared to my backyard hens. My grandmother was a chicken farmer and my mother says she remembers sitting in her barnyard watching chickens for hours. As I've grown older, I too find I'm fascinated by silly, ridiculously goofy chickens. I too can sit for hours and just watch them. Weird. But really, hobbies are kinda that way; people can't really explain why they enjoy a hobby, they just do! Chickens are hilarious to watch: they scratch and dig and cluck and hop and scratch and dig and scratch. Chickens will scratch anything...and sometimes fight over nothing. Yep, on a cool evening in Montana, you'll find me in my backyard sitting with my chickens.

Chickens and People?

Chicken are like people: there's always one little hen who must be in everyone else's businesss; there's always one who is the instigator of commotion; and there's always one who just goes about her day as if she's 110 percent content with life. There's usually a dominating male who certainly thinks he's bigger and badder than he really is; most of the females usually ignor his struttings. The loudest bitty usually rules the henhouse and the others fuss and cluck and don't settle in easily, but they do finally submit.

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Backyard hobbies are important. I find it distracts me from the hardships in life. I'm not sure if I'll live longer because I'm eating free-range eggs or if I'm laughing more... but either way, chickens have improved my life.

Chicken Resources

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