A Chicken as a house pet? Use Chicken Diapers!

Chicken diapers can be found from several resources. Now, me personally... I like my chickens to live outside and run free and I do NOT want to change their diapers every few hours. Not gonna happen in my chicken coop OR my house. It's much easier for me to walk through the fresh-aired barn yard and enjoy the flock. But for those who are adventurous and willing, I've looked up some resources about keeping a chicken as a house pet and using chicken diapers. Seems diapers are becoming quite the craze. Some of the chicken diaper vendors below even show helpful videos for how to diaper the chicken. (I'll admit, the chickens in this video are pretty tame so I don't know that I would recommend diapering chickens unless you've really tamed them into cooperative little creatures. I've never personally owned a cuddly chicken, but if you do .....

KrazyKFarm offers regular or bikini-style diapers for your chicken. Theirs is basically a harness system, so it can double as a walking harness. "Leopard Print" is a color option for your chicken diaper.

Diapers from MyPetChicken's catalogue seem similarly-priced and come in fashionable patterns --nice chicken colors in my opinion!

ChickenDiapers.comtouts the solution as "a way to catch the recycled food coming out of the backside of a chicken." Well, can't argue with that description. Sounds green!

Kathy The Chicken Chick video tapes her chicken settling into a new diaper.

And another source for chicken diapers, and for low prices, see Louise's Country Closet